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The owner Yolande Austin Bekker has also received the entrepreneur of the year in 2014. Yobe Beaula won the Best Training Award in our Industry in September 2017 and again in September 2018 this Year through Pro Beauty. This is an outstanding achievement, as a company who solely focuses on Nail Care, has never won this award in the past.

We offer various nail courses to start up a new career for yourself with one of the number one brands in the world! We continuously offer new workshops to buff up your skills and upgrade your art to stay with the trendz. We are a company that believes in adapting to the change to grow your business and we are always there to offer ways to help you do that for your career!

We are not only a Team but a Family, and we offer our continuous support!!

Meet Yolande

Owner & Sole Distributor Africa

Yolande did her degree in teaching and was a school teacher for 4 years. In 1997 she decided to do her first nail course. She soon became a mentor. In 2003 she decided to expand her knowledge and became the sole distributor for Yobe Beaula in Southern Africa. She did her first international training with Greg Salo in 2003. She has done many international courses over the years including USA, Europe and Russia. She has also been a judge at Beauty Africa years ago.

In 2013 she was also awarded Entrepreneur of the year at Professional Beauty. Her company has been nominated several times and also won awards such as Best nail supplier and best training. Her vision is to inspire, educate and help to form strong successful business women or men.

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